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Revolutionary Design, 

Unparalleled Capability.


With its proprietary Plug-n-Play drive, the Morph converts from balance trainer to bicycle - and back again - in mere seconds.



Morph's 6061 aluminum frameset and alloy components ensure a lightweight footprint in both modes of operation.  The unique split frame design also eliminates uneccessary components in trainer mode, which dramatically reduces the bikes weight


Morph's proprietary split-frame design allows for varying chainstay angles between modes of operation.  The result is an extremely low saddle height in balance mode (12.4"), while ensuring proper pedal clearance when ridden as a bicycle. 


Morph's inverted channel-interlock structure enhances the longitudinal strength of the top tube, above and beyond what is possible with standard hollow tubes.


The channel-interlock frameset is torsionally stiffer than a standard hollow tube frame, reducing energy loss associated with sideways flex.  The resulting forward energy transference makes learning to ride significantly easier for young riders.


The balance-hybrid "morphs" quickly and easily by simply removing two underside frame bolts.  Transitioning between balance mode and pedal mode is accomplished in mere seconds.


MORPH: Technologies


Morph2 Render Exploded-2

Chain stay: varied angles of incidence

We've varied the chain stay angles between modes of operation..

Morph2 Render Exploded-2

Split frame design

The split frame design allows for bi-modal operation with varying frame and saddle heights.


Morph2 Render Exploded-2

Channel-interlock structure

The patent-pending channel interlock structure allows a torsionally stronger top tube

Morph2 Render Exploded-2

Narrow head tube angle for enhanced stability

The narrow head tube angle increases riding stability

images-blank-55x43 Limited Lifetime Warranty
images-blank-55x43 Fully Customizable
images-blank-55x43 Durable Computerized TIG Welding
images-blank-55x43 Stability at all speeds
images-blank-55x43 Low stand over, ergonomic frameset                                                                 


Morph: Components




Dual Adjust: angle and height adjustable  



Dual Adjust: adjusts up/down & forward/back



Three Piece: fully customizable



Wheels (3)

Rugged tread, pneumatic; single-wall aluminum



Rear Coaster



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