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The top-rated run bike for the fourth consecutive year, the Laufrad is strong and durable, yet extremely lightweight. With a 6061 aluminum frame and alloy components, linear-pull alloy brake and industry-best limited lifetime warranty, it's no wonder the Laufrad was rated “The Best” by The New York Times in a recent review of top run bikes.  $129
Minimum Inseam: 13"


We set out to design a trainer suitable for the youngest of riders. Mission accomplished! Engineered with an extremely low center of gravity to prevent accidental tip-overs, the Mini comes with the lowest saddle height on the market and is extremely lightweight and manueverable.  $129
Minimum Inseam: 11"


Developed for future bike enthusiasts, the E Series is absolutely the smallest (11") and lightest (from 5.5 lbs) trainer on the market! Available with either EVA or alloy-pnuematic wheels, the E Series come standard with quick-release adjustment of the saddle and handlebars and our industry-best Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The combination of low stand-over height and extreme light weight allows toddlers as young as one to learn to ride.  
$99 (EVA Wheels)  $109 (Alloy-Pneumatic)    Minimum Inseam: 11"


What happens when you combine America's most popular run bike with a lightweight Plug-n-Play Drive™? You get Morph™ - the first of its kind Balance-Hybrid™. It starts off as a run bike. When your child has mastered balance, you simply add the drive train for a fully operational bicycle. The quality you've come to expect from KinderBike....taken to a whole new level. (Release Pending)  $219
Minimum Inseam: 12.5"

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